Many people are unfamiliar with sugaring, which is a sort of epilation (hair removal). When I first heard about it around a year ago, I was completely enthralled. Sugaring is a straightforward, low-cost alternative to waxing for a multitude of hair removal needs. Here’s some sugaring-related background information.


Sugaring is thought to have started in ancient Egypt around 1900 BC, when a smooth, hairless body was seen to be a sign of youth and beauty. Because it is extremely similar in theory and application to the method of “waxing,” it is commonly referred to as “sugar waxing” or “Persian waxing.” As the name says, the sugaring london is formed using a gel or paste that contains primarily sugar. For numerous reasons, this combination is said to be more effective, simpler, and less unpleasant than waxing:

• It may be administered as a gel at room temperature, reducing the danger of burns;

• Because it does not attach to the skin, the procedure is less uncomfortable overall.

• It may be manufactured and applied at home for a low cost.

• It cleans up quickly and simply with just water, dissolving and wiping away on contact;


Sugaring is similar to waxing in that it encases each individual hair follicle in a paste or gel, which is quickly removed to tear the hairs out at the roots. For the reasons described above, many people feel it hurts less than waxing, but there will still be discomfort, which you should be aware of before using this method.

There is also the chance of discomfort from hair removal from the roots, which varies from person to person. Before purchasing kits or having large sections of your body sugared, you should analyse your skin sensitivity and sensitivities.

To give you an idea of how annoying this may be: I’m Caucasian, with fair skin that tans rather than burns, and a sturdy exterior. I saw redness and swelling where each hair was plucked within five minutes of sugaring it; the edoema subsided in fifteen minutes, and the redness in thirty. To be sure, my follicle pulling technique was primitive, and I believe I shattered or inflamed some of them. A clean pull might lead to less obvious pain and more consistent application.


Any part of the body, including the legs, arms, back, face, and bikini line, can be sugared. You can get it done in a hair removal-focused beauty shop (although it is fairly obscure, it might be difficult to find someone who does it,) Make your own sugaring mixture at home and apply it yourself (in gel or paste form), or purchase inexpensive kits that include everything you’ll need (they commonly utilize the paste form).

To be clear, when used at room temperature, the gel is solid, flexible, and slightly sticky. It’s rolled into a ball and dispersed across vast areas in the opposite direction of hair growth, then immediately pulled in the other direction. In the same way that waxing is done, the paste is heated and applied to fabric strips.

The sugaring london is a good choice for people who loathe waxing because of the discomfort, time, or expense. If you’re interested in learning more, I’ve written a number of articles that describe how to make your own sugaring mixture and how to apply it effectively.

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